Virtual Dedicated Servers

In some cases a Shared Web hosting account may not be sufficient for your website, for example:
  • If your security or performance requirements don’t allow being dependent on other websites
  • If your website is very complex, with several databases and synchronisation with external information
  • Or if your website is very successful, with many visitors and transactions.

In such cases you will need a dedicated web hosting solution. XDChosting offers Virtual Dedicated Servers to host your web application. Even though the server is not a physical server in the traditional sense, it does have the same specifications as a physical server, such as processors, RAM, hard disk space and bandwidth.

This has the following advantages:
  • No investment in hardware or software;
  • Flexible up- and down-scaling according to your changing needs;
  • Redundancy and fail-over protection.

Fail-over Technology

A main advantage of virtualisation is that your virtual server is independent on the physical server on which the services are running. When there is a problem with the physical server your virtual server can be started up on a different hosting server in the XDChosting Managed Cluster of servers. Even when the server goes down, your website or web application will continue running.

Data Storage and Backups

The data used for your website or web application is stored within the Storage Area Network of our Data Centre. We offer our customers “Left-hand Redundant Storage”. This means that your data is stored on two locations synchronously. Even when part of the data storage equipment has a technical problem your website or web application will continue running.
Furthermore we make backups of your data on a daily basis and store these backups safely. Backups are kept on a daily (7 days), weekly (4 weeks) and monthly (3 months) basis.

Server Software

Your server is not a physical server in the traditional sense of the word, but does behave like one. Any server or application software can be installed as if it were a physical server. XDChosting can rent Windows Server Software to you, so that you don’t have to purchase the software. Within the rental agreement you have the right to always have access to the latest version of the software.

Penalty Clauses

We will enter into a clear Service Level Agreement containing stringent penalty clauses which come into effect if XDChosting does not comply with the service offerings described. You will be reimbursed (part of) your hosting fees in case of incidents, and if your website is not available for at least 99.8% of the time.

Interested in a dedicated virtual server solution? We will provide you with a customised proposal, geared to your specific needs. Pease contact us and we will set up a meeting to discuss your requirements.